Topking Electronics, with almost 10 years of highly successful trading to its credit, is today one of the leading exporters in the field of cables and connectors. Our cables and connectors are used in many different systems, applications and industries, and trusted by professionals, both large and small that use and install it within the many different applications and disciplines that they cover.
  Our fast design & sample service is of the very highest calibre to ensure that projects requiring a bespoke cable and connector can be designed and sorted quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and in the shortest time possible from design to manufacture to delivery. Careful examination of samples and specifications allows skilled sales staff to offer diagnostic solutions with optional and technical benefits
with which the customer may not be familiar. This is a direct result of our ongoing training and assessment programme, carefully structured to develop product knowledge and professionalism within Topking Electronics.
  We welcome visitors to our premises to conduct audits and if necessary, to meet our trained personnel, who will demonstrate exactly how we professionally manage the business of communication and special cable supply.
  Our principals are constantly evolving their product ranges to meet customer needs. We believe that communication is the key and are committed to providing high quality product and service to match. We will deliver the goods on time every time and all at a competitive price.
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